San Francisco Beyond the Bridge

Explore San Francisco’s most iconic landmark in a fast and safe electric vehicle that lets you drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and see an amazing view of the bay!

  • Group of friends sitting on Gocar Vsport

    Early Bird Special: Beyond Golden Gate Bridge Tour - GoCar Tours

    Early Bird Special: This tour is for the adventurous explorers who crave speed and adventure. Your aim is to cross the Golden Gate Bridge going north ...

  • Two GoCars Parked Near Boats in the Harbor

    Marin Headlands & Sausalito

    Explore the old Army Forts just North of San Francisco, after crossing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge into the Marin Headlands. Then venture to the qua...

  • Two GoCar Passengers Driving Near San Francisco

    Golden Gate Bridge & Sausalito Tour

    Visit Sausalito, the quaint bayside town just beyond the City via the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Explore beyond San Francisco with speed in our Arcimo...

  • GoCars Parked Near the Golden Gate Bridge

    Golden Gate Bridge & Marin Headlands Tour

    Cross the Golden Gate Bridge into the Marin Headlands, a pristine park on the city’s doorstep. Return home via Crooked Lombard street if you wish. A...

  • Tourists Parked at a Red Light in an Electric Vehicle

    All Day - Beyond the Golden Gate Bridge

    A one of a kind experience as you explore beyond the City limits in our new Arcimoto electric vehicle!

How it works
  • Stop when and where you want!
  • Follow the GPS or set your own pace!
  • Discover the secrets of the city!