“America’s Finest City” has so much to see and do — but getting around San Diego can be half the fun! There are so many ways to explore everything San Diego has to offer, the hardest part might just be deciding where you want to go! We’ve made a list of the top Tips for Getting Around San Diego as a Tourist – options you should avoid and options that will rev your fun-o-meter!

Top tip for getting around San Diego

First of all, if you’re driving in from out of town, there’s a good chance that you’ll be coming with your own car or a rental. You might be wondering how to get around San Diego? Well, our top tip – park at your accommodation and choose our more exciting local travel options! San Diego is notorious for bad traffic – so these options will help you navigate it without getting stuck!

Getting Around San Diego

  1. Uber/Taxi
  2. Bus Services
  3. GoCar/Speed Boat Combo Tour
  4. Hop on the San Diego Trolley
  5. Take the MTS Rapid System
  6. Take a Vanderhall for a Spin
  7. Take the Coronado Ferry
  8. Walking

1. Uber / Taxi

The benefit of taking a taxi or Uber is that they know the quickest routes that will help you avoid traffic. While they can be a bit expensive, you’re cutting out a ton of stress. 

2. Bus services

Nothing quite like getting around San Diego like a local! While this option is definitely the slower option, it can be a lot of fun. There are a number of bus services that run around the city, so it’s easy to get around without your own vehicle (and save on parking costs!). You’ll be able to see a lot more than if you were driving around in circles. And trust us, it’s easy to get lost in America’s Finest City.

3. GoCar/Speed Boat Combo Tour

This is one of our favorite ways to travel! The local San Diego GoCar tour will take you past all the best attractions (and even some streets where cars aren’t allowed to drive!). Explore the city at your own pace in the world’s first storytelling car.

Next, head to the harbor and see parts of San Diego where only a boat can take you – with your very own Speed Boat! The adrenaline ride of your life awaits as you zip past our famous sights like the Navy ships, the USS Midway, Coronado Bridge, and many more!!

4. Hop on the San Diego Trolley 

The trolley tour is a San Diego classic! It’s been running since 1989 and it’s a tourist favorite for getting around San Diego! You can hop on and off at many points in town and is a fun way to get around. For tourists who enjoy a more social experience – this might be the best option for you!

5. Take the MTS Rapid System 

Also known as “the trolley” this light rail system will show you all the metropolitan areas of San Diego. You’ll get to see the best that downtown San Diego has to offer. It runs from 5 am to midnight, making it a handy way to get around the city.
However, if you want to beat the crowds, we have a list of our top 9 San Diego Social Distancing Activities for 2021!

6. Take a Vanderhall for a spin 

A San Diego classic! Impress your partner by booking a ride that will turn heads! The Vanderhall San Diego Tour is available for full-day tours and once you’ve seen the city, you can drive it all the way to stunning Julian. 

Designed to weave in and out of traffic, you will see everything that there is on offer without having to go through any pesky traffic jams! It’s certainly one of our top picks if you’re looking for more relaxed transport while being able to take in the sights!
If you’re planning on staying a few days, why not set up a fun San Diego Itinerary – that way you’re sure to see all the best sights!

7. Take the Coronado Ferry 

This ferry is free and runs across from Coronado Island (near North San Diego) to San Diego. It’s a great way to see the stunning coastline, and it only takes 15 minutes! Once across you’ll get to see Coronado Ferry Landing – a waterfront marketplace with over 25 unique shops and restaurants for you to explore.

8. Walk 

If you’re staying in a hotel downtown (or somewhere close by), why not just walk? You can go at your own pace, explore the city as you go, and if you’re staying in a hotel that has parking – save yourself some money on parking costs while also getting some exercise! 

No need to wonder anymore about getting around San Diego — you’ve got the best options to choose from right here!