GoCar Downtown & Las Vegas Arts District Tour

$125/Vehicle (Up to 2 people)

1 hr


Valid Driver’s License

Explore the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in Downtown Las Vegas? Look no further than  the GoCar Tour! This unique sightseeing experience allows you to drive your own three wheeled electric vehicle while following a GPS-guided route that takes you to all the top  attractions and landmarks in the city. 

You’ll start your journey with a brief orientation session, where you’ll learn how to operate the  GoCar and get familiar with the GPS navigation system. Once you’re ready, you’ll embark on a  self-guided tour that takes you past all the must-see sights in Downtown Las Vegas. The GPS guided route will guide you past iconic landmarks like the Fremont Street Experience, The Mob  Museum, The Neon Museum, Container Park, and many more. 

Along the way, you’ll also have the chance to explore some hidden gems and local hotspots that  you might not discover on a traditional tour. And, with the GoCar’s talking car, you’ll get  informative and entertaining commentary about the landmarks you’re passing. You can even  stop and park the vehicle at any time to explore a particular attraction or take some photos. 

Downtown Las Vegas has a rich history and plays a crucial role in the early development of Las  Vegas. It was the original city center and became famous for its iconic hotels and casinos like  the Golden Nugget and the El Cortez. Today, it is home to many historic buildings, museums,  and landmarks that tell the story of the city’s past. 

One of the coolest aspects of Downtown Las Vegas is the new Circa Resort & Casino. It boasts  777 rooms and the rooftop pool area features Stadium Swim, six pools, a massive sportsbook,  outdoor viewing area with a 143-foot-long HD screen, over 1,000 seats, and a 360-degree view  of the city. This new resort and casino are a must-see for any visitor to Downtown Las Vegas. 

This GoCar Tour is a unique and unforgettable way to explore the historic heart of Las Vegas.  It’s perfect for first-time visitors or locals looking for a new way to experience the city. The GPS guided route will take you to all the top sights and landmarks, and the car will provide you with 

informative and entertaining commentary along the way. Don’t miss out on this adventure of a  lifetime!


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How it works

  • Stop when and where you want!
  • Follow the GPS at your own pace!
  • Discover the secrets of the city!

Vehicles available on tour

What you will see

  • The Las Vegas Strip
  • The New Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign
  • Fremont Street Experience
  • The Mob Museum
  • The Neon Museum
  • Circa Resort & Casino
  • Main Street, Las Vegas
  • Container Park
  • The Golden Nugget
  • El Cortez
  • The Arts District
  • Chapel Row