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Ocean Beach with a view of a restaurant near the Ruins of the Sutro Pools

5 Warm Beaches Near San Francisco

San Francisco is surrounded by water, but the area isn’t known for warm beaches where you can soak in the sun all summer long. But there are still pockets of sandy coves and coastal areas where you can find warm beaches near San Francisco. And the best part? You can...
Baseball Stadium in San Francisco

5 Best Arenas & Stadiums in San Francisco

From iconic stadiums to family-friendly arenas, here are the best stadiums in San Francisco that you can see on a GoCar tour! Stadiums in San Francisco Kezar Stadium Oracle Park Chase Stadium Negoesco Stadium Boxer Stadium California is a Sports State unlike any...
Sutro Bath Ruins with Ocean Waves in the Distant

6 Best Scenic Views in San Francisco

When you’re in The Bay, it really does feel like that no matter where you turn, you’re bound to see a lovely view of the city. But for the adventure-seekers that really want to soak in every part of our city, you’ll want to take a look at our favorite lookout points...