Is it Safe to Travel to Barcelona Amongst Protests?

With protests around Catalonia throughout the last few months, many people are starting to wonder if it’s safe to travel to Barcelona. First it’s important to understand what’s actually going on there. Then we’ll talk about your safety. Know that those of us at GoCar Tours want every client of ours to be as safe as possible.

What exactly is going on in Catalonia?

A pro-independence majority government in Catalonia had a referendum to separate from Spain. However, Spain’s constitutional court says that this vote was illegal and that they won’t recognize it. The result is that there have been protests within Catalonia.

What about Barcelona – is it safe?

There was a lot of chaos and confusion in Barcelona right after the referendum and the resulting announcement from Spain. Public transportation was limited, schools were closed, and there were many protests. However, they have ended. At the moment, Barcelona is perfectly safe for visitors.

What do the experts say about safety?

Travel consumer rights commentators have been clear that they believe tourists should still visit Spain and Barcelona in particular. They remind visitors that Catalonians in general are supportive of the tourist industry and that it makes up a large part of their economy. As a result, they are finding ways to ensure the safety of travelers. It would, of course, be wise to keep an eye on what’s happening but as of today, there aren’t any specific threats that are making the experts worry.

The Foreign Office has issued a statement

According to the Foreign Office, it’s true that there are protests ongoing. They’re suggesting that travelers be aware of the situation but that there’s no reason to believe that violence is on its way. They recommend that travelers be aware of the potential for upsets in traffic and transportation, but note that these are likely to be the biggest issues for a person traveling to Barcelona.

The bottom line: Use your own judgement

Of course, until you’re in Spain you won’t necessarily know how comfortable you feel. At GoCar Tours, we want every traveler to have the time of their life. We understand that this is difficult or impossible if a person doesn’t feel safe. That said, we do believe that if you stick to the spots you were planning to go anyway, namely popular restaurants and tourist destinations, you shouldn’t have much to worry about.