Close to San Diego are many places that are perfect for day trips! If you’re looking to explore some new areas, take in scenic views, immerse yourself in good eats and enjoy some memorable activities, Southern California is the place to be. San Diego’s location makes it the perfect starting point for you to begin your adventure!

Here’s our list of best day trips and weekend getaways from San Diego!

  1. Take a scenic drive to the Cuyamaca Mountains in a Vanderhall
  2. Head North to Santa Monica
  3. Visit the San Andreas Fault
  4. Relax on the Catalina Island Beach
  5. Drive to Coronado Island in an open-air electric vehicle


Take a scenic drive to the Cuyamaca Mountains in a Vanderhall

San Diego is full of amazing activities and city life, but what many people don’t know is that there is a hidden gem of a town called Julian only an hour away! Take a scenic drive to the Cuyamaca Mountains in the 2020 Vanderhall Blackjack GoCar.

Experience driving the 2020 Vanderhall Blackjack through the beautiful area of Julian and check out all their fun attractions they have to offer! This luxury driving experience will feature GoCar technology which has a built in talking navigation system that is specifically designed to take you through the best sites, recommends restaurants, cracks jokes and tells stories that brings the destination to life! Start your journey in Old Town San Diego where you will pick up your luxury vehicle and enjoy the scenic route to Julian which is in the heart of the beautiful Cuyamaca Mountains.

Head North to Santa Monica

Santa Monica is just two hours north of San Diego and the perfect coastal city just west of downtown Los Angeles. If you’re looking to take a day trip outside of San Diego, Santa Monica is filled with many shops, restaurants and beautiful beaches!

Santa Monica is also home to the Pacific Park Amusement Park located on the Santa Monica Pier. This park looks directly out on the Pacific Ocean and is admission-free with plenty of games, food and shops! You can also count on going to Santa Monica anytime because of their year-round sunny skies and great weather.

Visit the San Andreas Fault

Enjoy a weekend getaway with friends or family and check out the San Andreas Fault. This continental transform fault extends roughly 750 miles through California.

Head to Palm Springs for the day and experience an extraordinary scenic 4WD tour of the San Andreas Fault and check out all the plants, animals, geology and history. You will be able to see the canyons created by the plate tectonics and have a guide give you fun facts about the area.

Relax on the Catalina Island Beach

Spend the day relaxing on the beautiful Catalina Island with an easy, one hour Ferry ride from Dana Point! Catalina Island has spectacular, clear water that is perfect for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. Whether you’re coming for the day or weekend, Catalina Island is the perfect getaway with plenty of different activities to enjoy. Whether it be zip lining, fishing, checking out their shops and restaurants, this is a great spot to plan a trip with friends and family. If you love the outdoors and adventure, Catalina Island could be your new favorite spot!

Drive to Coronado Island in an Open-air Electric Vehicle with GoCar Tours

Head to GoCar Tours in San Diego and take a 3 hour tour to Coronado Island in a new electric GoCar! You’ll be able to have an open-air experience driving over the stunning Coronado bridge while being echo friendly. As you enjoy the drive, it takes you to all the best sites, recommends restaurants, cracks jokes, and tells the stories that bring a destination to life.

Start in Downtown San Diego before boarding the ferry to take you over to Coronado Island. Make your way through Downtown Coronado where you’ll hear all about Coronado Island’s rich history. Drive along the beaches and pass by the Naval Air Station on North Island. Don’t miss out on one of our most unique San Diego tours and discovering the city and nearby areas!