San Diego Tours

Explore the birth place of California. San Diego is the perfect place to visit if you want to mix fun with history and recreation with beauty


Once you’ve been on a San Diego city tour, you’ll have no doubt that it deserves its spot as one of the most visited and beloved cities in California. The climate is mild all year long, the sun shines almost every day, and there are miles and miles of beautiful beaches. San Diego tours are an excellent way to see the real beauty of southern California. San Diego is the birth place of California. With its year-round mild and sunny climate, miles of sandy beaches, rich military history and amazing parks and historic old town, the sightseeing GoCar is the perfect way to tour the diversity of San Diego all year round. Stop along the way to visit U.S. Midway aircraft carrier or even the world famous San Diego Zoo. Free admission to the Old Town Sheriff’s Museum, Mormon Battalion Historic Site, Old Town Railroad Depot, African-Latin Museum, and The Timken Museum of Art. There’s a rich military history here that’s interesting to explore, tons of amazing parks, and an historic old town that offers unique shopping and dining opportunities. In short, San Diego is the perfect place to visit if you want to mix fun with history and recreation with beauty – and there’s no better way to see everything you want to see than to use the the GoCar, the first GPS-guided Storytelling car® in the world. In a perfect world, you’d have weeks and weeks to explore all the wonders San Diego has to offer, but most visitors must make tough choices to decide what to see in their limited time. They may head off to see the U.S. Midway aircraft carrier or they may spend a day at the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Some people take a break from the beaches to see what SeaWorld San Diego has to offer, while others take advantage of the 25+ attractions and museums in Balboa Park – the largest cultural park in the United States. When you add in all the things there are to do just outside of San Diego, like checking out the incredible, panoramic views at the Cabrillo Monument, it’s easy to see that it’s worth it to do whatever you can to take advantage of as much as possible. That’s where GoCar Tours comes in. While touring San Diego you can take as long as you want all day or just an hour. No matter how long you take your vehicle out, one thing will be consistent – you call all the shots. You decide which spots to stop at, you program your car to take you where you want to go, and you decide when and where to break for a bite at a seaside eatery or a coffee drink at a quaint café. The press loves our cars, our visitors are impressed, and even Time Magazine called our storytelling cars “one of the most amazing inventions of the year.” Come see what all the buzz is about!

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