10 Things to Pack for a Two-Week California Vacation

There’s so much to do in California that it can be intimidating. Whether you’re spending the entire two weeks visiting San Francisco, or you’re driving all over the state, you’ll need quite the list of items to bring with you. Read on to learn about the ten most important things to bring and then book your tour with Go Car Tours.

Basic items you’ll need

Before we get into the specifics, let’s cover the basic items you want to make sure you bring: Clothing, camera, bathing suit, maps and travel guides, hiking / running shoes, passport / visa if needed, items to keep you safe from the sun, toiletries, first-aid kit, and a carry-on pouch.

10 steps to packing like a pro

As you take off on your incredible two-week California vacation, follow these ten tips to pack everything you’ll need.

  1. Check the weather forecast in the week before your trip to decide what clothing you’ll need.
  2. Pack some extra underwear and socks but otherwise only pack clothing for three to four days. Skip clothes that wrinkle. Stay in a hotel that has laundry facilities, or find a nearby laundromat.
  3. Bring a bathing suit and towel. Even if you don’t think you’ll be swimming it’s better to be prepared.
  4. Keep an eye out for dress codes when making reservations. If you’re eating at a posh restaurant, a simple dress or nice pair of pant should suffice.
  5. Bring the right shoes. If you’ll be hiking, bring hiking shoes. If you’re going to be simply taking in the sites at your leisure, you’ll want cozy walking shoes.
  6. Protect yourself from the sun by bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  7. Bring a small pouch you can wear for your valuables.
  8. Bring both a toiletry bag and a first-aid kit. Make both of them small – remember that you can buy your toiletries once you get to California.
  9. If you’re traveling internationally, bring your passport and visa.
  10. Bring your camera or a video camera. Make sure that it has enough battery to capture your trip. Bring chargers for all electronics.

This simple list of ten steps can help ensure you have everything you need for your two-week trip to California. No matter where you’ll be visiting or what activities you’ll be taking part in, you’re sure to have the trip of a lifetime.