Fisherman's WharfAmong the many culinary and cultural adventures of San Francisco, one location stands apart from all others as a place to sample nearly everything that defines the city.

Fisherman’s Wharf has much to offer to both visitors and longtime residents. In addition to beautiful views and the refreshing smells of the salt air, the Wharf boasts some of San Francisco’s freshest seafood, served at a variety of first-class restaurants. There’s truly something for everyone here: Dungeness crab served at an outdoor crab stand, sourdough bread baking in nearby ovens, locally made chocolate and a wide range of international cuisine.

For entertainment, look no further than the nearest street corner, where you’re likely to see one of the city’s many talented street performers. Mimes, musicians, clowns, magicians, fire-swallowers and jugglers work hard to create a delightful and relaxing atmosphere. For something a tad more formal, there are plenty of venues offering theater, live music, comedy and dancing.

In need of a break from your landlubbing? Consider hopping one of the many tour boats that make the trek from the Wharf to a location in San Francisco Bay known as The Rock. More famously known as the home of Alcatraz, the now-defunct federal prison, The Rock has served several purposes over the years: As a Civil War outpost, the West Coast’s first lighthouse and the site where the Native American Red Power Movement began.

For a sight you’re not likely to see in many other places, cruise down to Pier 39, where scores upon scores of sea lions gather on or near the docks. You’ll probably hear the beloved animals before you see them, as their distinct barking noises can be heard at a distance of several city blocks.

Wander on down to Hyde Street Pier if your interest is in boarding some National Landmark ships, such as the Eureka, a ferryboat that dates from the 1890s, and the Alma, a schooner.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, try renting a bicycle and maneuvering your way up to the Golden Gate Bridge for a ride across and back.

Or perhaps have a companion do the pedaling while you follow along for a later rendezvous – from the comfort and convenience of your GoCars vehicle!