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Normally, 90 minutes of touring with a GoCar would cost you 40€ but if you are brave enough to be at our offices before 11:00 AM you get 30 minutes for free!

Go for an exciting ride through Lisbon on a solo GPS-guided GoCar tour leaving from downtown Lisbon. This tour is fun and easy way to see Lisbon’s best attractions. With a GPS and narrator, you won’t have to think twice about turns. Simply let the GPS tell you where to go, stop, and discover Lisbon’s squares, architecture, and historic sights. Then drive on and the tour continues from where you stopped. Select from four different itineraries and tour lengths and enjoy Lisbon’s best neighborhoods with all the freedom to go at your own pace.

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Duration: 90 MINUTES

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  • Water Front and Belém - 2 Hour Tour Book It€50.00 This is a ride as it takes you along the city’s shoreline and out to the neighborhood of Belem. Belém is linked to Portugal’s Golden Age of seafaring and discovery and the site where the famous navigators set sail to discover the world. See
  • GoCar Full Day - The Most Extensive Tour of Lisbon, I Want it All! Book It€99.00 This Tour includes all the options available. For a special price, you get to keep the car all day from when we open to when we close. It includes Alfama tour, Belem tour the waterfront and Expo. It is a full packed day where you can
  • Alfama City Center and Expo or Belém - 4 Hour Tour Book It€70.00 On this 4 Hour tour you get to see everything Alfama plus the choice of either Belem or Expo. If you want to extend the tour to see Belem AND Expo, then you can do that also!