Alfama and its People. 1 Hour Tour

You’ll be granted access inside Alfama, areas where tour buses can’t go and get a unique perspective from viewpoints not available on other tours. You will discover why Lisbon is known for its amazing lights!

This tour is full of amazing vantage points, museums, and neighbourhoods of Lisbon’s City Center, including Alfama, Graça, São Jorge Castle, Baixa, the Pantheon. You will discover the real internals of one of the few historic European capitals with both a coast line and a river. This tour offers several detour options along the way that include the unique opportunity to drive inside the private, secluded areas of Lisbon neighbourhoods! This tour should take only about 45 minutes to one hour to do it!

Above is only a suggested route. Your tour’s length may vary due to circumstances such as departure time and location, traffic and your itinerary. If you do take additional rental time, this will be billed in 15-minute increments at our retail rates. You may visit all or some the tour’s highlights. If you are unsure of which tour to book, just book according to the amount of time you think you’d like to spend. We can customize a tour especially for you, with the sights you want to include, when you come into our shop.

Duration: 1 HOURS

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