Monterey GoCar Tours FAQs

What do I need to take a GoCar Tour?

You need:

  • to be at least 21 years old
  • hold a valid driving license
  • have a credit card or cash for the security deposit 
What insurance cover comes with a GoCar?
All our vehicles are covered by a liability policy for the legal state minimums that provide 3rd parties around you with coverage in event of an accident. Your rental agreement however, excludes our renters from accessing that policy. So you may be liable for damages or losses that occur during your rental. We offer you extra insurance options to manage your liability that your rental may incur such as a CDW and SLI. Ask our agents about these options when you arrive.
Why a GoCar?

GoCar is the world’s first GPS-guided storytelling car. Our custom navigation system guides you around Monterey and the car talks to you, telling you all about the city. You can explore parts of Monterey the tour bus cant reach and you will look cool doing it!

Do I have to stay on the tour?

You can go FREESTYLE if you want to, no problem. But the car only talks on the designated routes.

Which languages are available?

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish

Can children ride in a GoCar?

The minimum age to be a passenger is 7yrs.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes of course. Our Terms & Conditions state:

  • Reservations are fully refundable with a 7-day notice prior to departure. If cancellation occurs between 2 – 6 days, a charge of 50% applies. No refunds will be given for cancellations in less than 24 hours.
  • If we cancel a tour due to weather or other reasons, we will issue a rain check or all payments will be refunded. GoCar Tours San Francisco does not guarantee the weather.
  • Trip insurance is available to purchase and allows you to request a full refund due to a cancellation for any reason before your tour.
Are reservations required? How far in advance?

Booking is not always required. However, we fully recommend booking in advance

Can I go if pregnant?

Yes, it’s ok. However, keep in mind these car small and bumpy cars, please consult with your lead doctor if he allows you to participate in these types of activities.

What is a valid license?

License requirements vary per vehicle that is available to drive. See specific tour/rental page details for its individual license requirements.

Can I buy full insurance cover for a GoCar?
How long does a tour take?

GoCar tours length varies by your tour selection. Visit the tour or rental page to see what options are available. Typical tour lengths are 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours, with the option for an all day tour/vehicle rental.

What If I arrive back late?

Your tour’s length may vary due to circumstances such as departure time and location, traffic, detour choices, and your itinerary. If you do take additional rental time, this will be billed in 1-minute increments at our retail rates. 

What if it rains on the day of my booking?

It is fine to drive a GoCar in the rain,  but we can re-schedule your tour for another day or time. If weather conditions are extreme and you have no flexibility with regards to time, we can make a refund.

Are GoCars available for Corporate Outings, Team Building and Group Activities?
Yes, we’re happy to discuss how we can help you create a uniquely tailored corporate outing, team building activity – like a city scavenger hunt, or a fun group activity. San Francisco GoCar has private group offerings, please contact us if you’re planning a group activity in for specific group activity planning.

San Francisco Group Activities

Are pets allowed? Can I bring my dog? Can I bring my emotional support animal?

Absolutely! We are pet friendly.

San Francisco Group Activities

Can I bring a camera? Can I bring a drone? Can I bring a Go Pro?

If it’s personal use you can bring your camera and GoPro, however you may need to have permits to fly a drone in the San Francisco Bay Area. If it’s for commercial use you may need permits for some areas in the city.

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Can I purchase a souvenir? Do you sell merch? Where can I buy?

We do sell souvenirs, which you can find in our store 431 Beach Street

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