San Francisco
San Diego
GoCar is the first-ever GPS-guided Storytelling car ® . It's the most exhilarating, entertaining and enlightening way to tour San Francisco. Experience what the press is buzzing about, what visitors rave about and what Time Magazine called one of the most amazing inventions of the year. Whether you want to drive the informative 49 mile drive cruise down the most crookedest street in the world or see the houses of the rich and famous, the GoCar can take you there. With over 200 points of interest you can you make the tour as long or short as you want. Best of all, the adventure happens at your pace. You can stop for photos, take detours, grab a coffee or break for lunch. (You’ll actually be able to park!) Or you can blaze your own trail and explore the city streets, neighborhoods and parks on your own.
San Diego is the birth place of California. With its year round mild and sunny climate, miles of sandy beaches, rich military history and amazing parks and historic old town, the GoCar is the perfect way to tour the diversity of San Diego all year round. Stop along the way to visit U.S. Midway aircraft carrier or even the world famous San Diego Zoo.
Barcelona is today one of the world's leading tourist, economic, trade fair/exhibitions and cultural-sports centers. With three custom made tours that take you on a guided city tour to the most emblematic spots in Barcelona and some lesser known gems too! The unique GPS system guides you around the streets like a local and the integrated audio guide tells you all about this fabulous city and its sights as it would your personal tour guide.
As Spain's capital and largest city it is also appropriately the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization. With 7 million visitors a year it is the 4th most visited city in Europe. Madrid is famous for its bullfighting, Nightlife, bohemian culture, churches, classical music and opera. And of course GoCar.
Lisbon or "Lisboa" is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is the 7th most visited city in southern europe, measuring just 33 square miles. Often referred to as San Francisco's twin sister, Lisbon, like San Francisco is the perfect city for a GoCar Tour Lisbon is it´s monuments, light, passion, river, sun, viewpoints, parks, food and people. We designed unique tours so you can enjoy Lisbon the way we want you to know it. This is what we want you to know, It´s how we want you to remember it Welcome to our beloved city, Lisboa!
„O beautiful city, O glorious city”, No, this is not an opera monologue, but how could we best describe Porto? and such a nostalgic feeling whenever we visit this emblematic city?