San Francisco Group Tours

GoCar Tours San Francisco offers Corporate, private as well as incentive group offerings through San Francisco, the city by the Bay. Depending on time of year, San Francisco has the capacity to handle groups of 10 to 100 participants in a single group departure. We can handle groups of up to 200 in split in to multiple departures throughout the day. GoCar San Francisco can work with you to create a memorable and exciting event.

We can customize the group offerings to include bus transportation from the hotel, pack lunches, restaurant reservations before or after the tour for an additional cost. Group tours are quoted on an individual base and vary in price depending on time of year, day of week and time of day.

Group Tours Options

GoCar San Francisco Freestyle

The Freestyle tour is designed as an option for your group to take if they have a free day on their trip to San Francisco. You simply give us a list of names of the people in your group, let them know that GoCar is an option that they can do on their free day. The Freestyle option gives your group the chance to experience the GoCar as any other tourist does. The individuals can book the departure time for when it is convenient for them and take a tour for as long as they want. They will go through an orientation video, be escorted to their vehicle and launched off on the tour. The total price depends on how many customers end up doing the tour and how long they are out for. Please note that this is not an option if you want your group to launch at the same time and drive together along the tour as we will not staff the shop to manage a group departure.

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GoCar San Francisco Self Guided Group

If you are hosting a smaller group of under 18 participants our Self-Guided GoCar Groups are an ideal option. As part of the Self Guided Group you get a guaranteed group departure time, where you can all leave at the same time, as well as with smaller groups you can depart from either of our locations. Since you are guiding your own group you decide the length of your tour and you control the cost. You can stay on our award winning tour route or have the freedom to choose your own routes.

Unlike our Managed Events you will not have GoCar guides or support staff along with you. We can guarantee we will launch you on the tour together, but bare in mind that the group will likely get split up during the tour. Each car is treated as an individual rental and if any of the cars are out for longer than the pre paid duration, there will be an additional charge for the excess time, based on our standard rates, prorated in 15 min increments.

With this option, you will not have breakdown support on the tour with you. We may assign additional cars to the group so that in the event of one car breaking down, the passengers can jump in another car.

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GoCar San Francisco Managed Events

Let GoCar take care of all the details and choose one of our managed events. While you are out touring and enjoying the beautiful sights that our cities have to offer, we are working in the background to keep things running smoothly. At the start of the event all your cars will be prepped and ready to go with our guaranteed start time, we also will have additional staff during so that you spend less time doing paperwork and spend more time out having fun! Throughout your tour we provide onsite support with guides helping to keep everyone together, as well as support staff and extra cars and mechanics should a breakdown occur. This ensures that the groups stay together and no one is left behind. For our managed events we also provide simplified invoicing and flat rates as well to keep accounting easy and to help you budget and keep costs under control. We can also add a number of options and customizations like pack lunch and photo opportunities, please contact us for more details.

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