San Diego Group Tours

GoCar Tours San Diego offers many unique and fun options for large groups, as wells as special incentives and offers for groups of ten people or more. Corporate team building exercises are available along with scavenger hunts, team building exercises, private tours, and much more to make your next event that more memorable.

Private events are also welcome including birthday parties, reunions, weddings, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, anniversaries, and much more. Click on any of our options for more information.

Group Tours Options

GoCar San Diego Freestyle

The Freestyle tour is designed as an option for your group to take if they have a free day on their trip to San Diego. You simply give us a list of names of the people in your group, let them know that GoCar is an option that they can do on their free day. The Freestyle option gives your group the chance to experience the GoCar as any other tourist does. The individuals can book the departure time for when it is convenient for them and take a tour for as long as they want. They will go through an orientation video, be escorted to their vehicle and launched off on the tour.

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Self-Guided San Diego Group tour

For smaller groups or events the self-guided tour is a great option. You have a guaranteed group departure time. Other options can include but are not limited to Scavenger hunts, enhanced tours, Group photos, and more. You are guiding the group which lets you decide the length of the tour and cost. You can follow one of our pre-programed routes or make your own tour.

Unlike our Private and Executive tours you will not have a GoCar staff member to guide you on the tour. This option does not include GoCar guides or support staff. So please keep an eye on your time. We will guarantee that all cars launch at the same time, but please remember the chances of the group getting split up are high. Each car is treated like a separate contract and any cars returning after the 15 minute grace period will be charged accordingly. This option does not include breakdown support.

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GoCar San Diego Private tours

Let us take care of everything and choose one of our Private events. Our private events give you piece of mind while in the GoCar. It guarantees extra staff to available to help keep the group together and on time. We will have several staff members working behind the scenes to ensure that your event is as seamless as possible. We will provide an tour leader to ensure the group stays on track and everyone stays together. Extra cars and mechanics are strategically placed to ensure that on the off change a breakdown occurs, a replacement car is only moments away allowing the group to ensure that nobody is left behind. For our private events we offer simplified billing and easy accounting to help keep you budget and costs under control. We can also add a number of fun unique options and customizations to make your group booking a more memorial experience. Please contact us for more details.

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GoCar San Diego Executive Tour

This is our most popular group booking option. A GoCar staff member leads the group and takes you on an in depth tour of San Diego. This tour can include not only the regular GoCar tour, but also private museum tours, hidden sights, custom scavenger hunts, walking tours, and much more. Catering is available and can be customized to allow for food allergies or intolerances. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options available upon request. For our Executive events we offer simplified billing and easy accounting to help keep you budget and costs under control. Great for parties and and other celebrations. Please contact us for more details.

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