Madrid Group Tours

Visit Famous Madrid and see the sights and the beauty of this amazing city on your own terms and let us create a customer excursion for you!

All of our group tours include: full fuel tank, unlimited mileage, second driver, helmet hire, third party insurance and VAT

Group Tours Options

GoCar Group Events

For groups from 8 persons onwards, all of our tours are organized by the Events Team. You choose the time and what you want to see and that's it. You don’t need to worry about anything else. We take care of all the details for you.

At the scheduled time, all your cars will be ready to go with our guaranteed start time abe there will be no need to fill out any form so you can spend more time having fun! Throughout your tour we provide onsite support with guides helping to keep everyone together, as well as support staff, extra cars and a Gocar Mechanic if any breakdown occurs. This ensures that the groups stay together and no one is left behind.

You just need to sit, relax and drive.

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GoCar Challenge

Imagine a program that mixes the discovery of the city and several challenges... Are you? Now add the latest technology in tourism animation and our exclusive app. Are you getting it? Now let’s spice things up a little bit. Add the GoCars as mean of transportation and... Yeah! Now you have an exclusive GoCar program that will alow you to roam around Madrid in an unforgettable discovering experience. From point to point, participants will be faced with riddles, crazy and unique challenges and interactions with characters and natives all over Madrid.

Are you ready to embark this journey?

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