Sip Your Way Through the 12 Best Porto Wineries & Vineyards

No visit to Portugal is complete without a trip to one of its famous Porto wineries. The best wineries in Porto specialize in its namesake varietal, vinho do Porto, or port wine.

Port is a fortified red wine that pairs well with your favorite dessert. Typically sweet, some port wines come in dry, semi-dry, and even white varieties. Vinho do Porto is exclusively produced in Portugal’s northern Douro Valley region, where Porto wineries offer plenty of tempting cellar tours and tastings.

Many of the best Porto wines are found on the southern shores of the Douro River, in Vila Nova de Gaia. We’ve selected the top vineyards and wineries near Porto for you below. Saúde!

1. Burmester Wine Cellars

One of the best new Porto wineries is Caves Burmester. Stepping inside this Porto wine cellar and museum is like stepping back through time. Join a guided tour for a fascinating glimpse into the brand’s history and production process. Visit the wine shop and tasting room for a delicious port wine pairing, or relax on the terrace overlooking the Douro River.

2. Cálem

Cálem might be the most famous place for port wine tours in Porto. It’s certainly the most popular! The House of Calém was founded in 1859. After four generations, it remains an award-winning, family-owned business. Visitors to Calém enjoy not only a rich variety of port wine tastings but can also catch a traditional Portuguese fado show in the evenings.

3. Churchill’s

For a fashionable, more modern take on Porto wineries, look no further than Churchill’s. This stylish wine cellar in Porto’s Vila Nova de Gaia is rethinking traditional port wine. Churchill’s visitors center offers a beautiful backdrop for tailor-made tastings of their signature and vintage port wines.

4. Croft

Croft cellars is one of the oldest port wine producers in the region. While rooted in tradition, Croft offers visitors some of the most unique Porto wine tours in the city. Croft’s blind tastings heighten the senses, allowing you to fully experience the richness and depth of their port wines. On warm summer days, head to Croft’s sunny terrace to try the first port of rosé wine in the world.

5. Espaço Porto Cruz

The Porto Cruz Space offers an immersive Porto, Portugal wine experience. The concept is a celebration of Porto’s unique port wine history and culture, spanning its traditional roots to modern day production. This is not your typical Porto wine tour! Visit the Espaço Porto Cruz to enjoy creative art installations as well as wine, chocolate and cheese tastings. While you’re there, don’t miss the sunset views from their rooftop terrace lounge.

6. Ferreira

In Portugal, the Ferreira name is synonymous with Porto wineries. One of the leading innovators in port wine cultivation was heiress Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira. Nicknamed Ferreirinha, she was beloved for the devotion and care she showed to the working families who farmed her vineyards. At her family cellars, visitors learn about port wine’s rich history in the Douro region. Be sure to visit the magnificent Vintage Porto Cellar, a tasting room which dates back 250 years.

7. Graham’s Port Lodge

Wine tastings at Graham’s Port Lodge are available by appointment only, so book ahead! Their 19th-century lodge is worth it. Visitors can savor ports in a private tasting room, explore the museum, or enjoy a guided tour of the cellar caves. One of the most impressive wineries near Porto, Graham’s offers an upscale port wine tour experience along with stunning views of the city.

8. Sandeman

Who is the mysterious “Sandeman Man”? You’ll need to visit Sandeman Cellars to find out. This Porto winery is one of the most popular attractions in the city, thanks to the iconic masked man found on their logo. Join one of Sandeman’s Porto, Portugal wine tours to taste Ruby, Tawny, and White Port wine. They also produce excellent Brandy and Madeira wines.

9. Taylor’s

Founded in 1692, Taylor’s is one of the oldest Porto, Portugal wine houses in the Douro Region. Taylor’s 300 year-old port wine cellars have been recently renovated, with an innovative new museum circuit added. Two wines are included on the guided tour, but visitors can head to the tasting room to try a selection of aged Tawny Ports, or one of Taylor’s classic Vintage Ports.

10. Offley

Though founded in London, Offley has made its mark on Porto. Englishman Joseph James Forrester played a key role in expanding both the Offley brand and the Porto wine industry. The Baron of Forrester lived most of his adult life in Portugal, with a passion for the Douro region and port wine. Today, the Caves Offley winery welcomes visitors with small group Porto wine tours and tastings.

11. Quinta da Aveleda

One of the top wineries near Porto is Quinta da Aveleda. This elegant Porto, Portugal vineyard enjoys a global reputation for its Vinho Verde, a traditional Porto white wine that locals love to pair with pork dishes. Aveleda is also one of the best day trips from Porto. The vineyard offers a personalized Porto wine tour experience for every group or visitor.

12. Real Companhia Velha

For a truly unique wine tour at one of the top Porto wineries, head to Real Companhia Velha. With more than 250 years of history, they’ve earned their name—which literally translates to ‘Real Old Company.’ Visit RCV’s warehouse museum to learn more about the wine-making process and enjoy a tasting of traditional port wines.

Don’t miss these top Porto wineries!

With so many tempting port wine tours available, you’ll love sipping and swishing your way around the Douro Valley.