Living in a beautiful and lively city like San Francisco means that there are plenty of fun date ideas that your significant other will love. From grabbing dinner at a local food truck gem, a drink in a dive bar full of character, or cruising the city in a cute little yellow GoCar, this blog has a few date night ideas to get you out and exploring San Francisco.

Date Ideas To Explore The City

  1. Take a GoCar through the city and see the San Francisco sights
  2. Visit a food truck park
  3. Go mini-golfing at Stagecoach Greens
  4. Visit the Japanese Tea Garden
  5. Take a ferry on the Bay

Take a GoCar through the city

A perfect trip built for two, a San Franciso GoCar is a great date idea anytime of the year. Our tours are a great way to explore the city, add some activity to the date so it doesn’t get awkward staring at each other, and get some fresh air!

Our All-Day Choose Your Own San Francisco Adventure Tour includes a full day rental of the GoCar. If you want to go beyond the city to Sausalito, take one of our Golden Gate Bridge Tours and visit Marin Headlands, Sausalito, and the icon Golden Gate sights along the way.

Some fun date ideas in San Francisco along your GoCar Tour include a stop at a museum, a scenic picnic, or even a short hike. The Disney Family Museum, which displays memorabilia including a model of the original Park is great for Disney fans who might have missed a trip to the theme park that has been shut for most of the year. Art lovers may prefer a stop at one of the many fine art museums along the route, including the de Young Museum and the Legion of Honor.

The GoCar tour routes also include several great spots for short hikes or picnics, including Land’s End, with its beautiful views of the entrance to the Bay, and Stow Lake, where you can rent paddle boats by the hour for a leisurely trip around Strawberry Hill.


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Visit a food truck park

No list of great date ideas in San Francisco is complete without taking part in the city’s tasty food scene. Getting something great to eat on a date is a must, but it can be hard to agree on exactly the right cuisine, especially when you’re just getting to know someone. Why not visit one of San Francisco’s Food Truck Parks, where you can choose between some of the best food in San Francisco and dine alfresco! 

SoMA StrEat Food Park, located at 11th Street between Bryant and Harrison is an open-air food court with rotating choices that include pizza, rotisserie chicken, tacos, and lumpia. And Spark Social is a fun date idea for Valentine’s Day in San Francisco. Located in the newly developed South Beach neighborhood near Oracle Arena, Spark Social has swing set dining and fire pits where you and your date can enjoy cuisine from one of the rotating food trucks. 

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Go mini-golfing at Stagecoach Greens

Along with being one of our cutest date ideas in San Francisco, Stagecoach Greens is the city’s only outdoor mini-golf course. The 18 holes at this course are inspired by San Francisco history from settler times through the present day and include Bank of America and Salesforce Tower battling it out to be the tallest buildings in San Francisco on the 10th hole, and the rocking building located on the 14th hole as a nod to San Francisco’s history of earthquakes.

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Visit the Japanese Tea Garden 

Built in 1894 as part of the California Midwinter National Exhibition, the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park is a great date activity for those looking for a natural and cultural experience.  The Garden is situated on 5 acres of land with paths that ramble through plants, trees, and sculptures that have been designed with Japanese aesthetics.

The paths, bridges, and stairways in the garden are created to slow travelers and encourage them to reflect on the beauty around them. Open daily, the Garden is accessible from the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park.


Take a Romantic Ferry on the Bay

If you’re looking for romantic views, then you’ll want to take a ferry from Downtown San Francisco to one of the scenic towns along the water in the North and East Bay.

Sausalito and Tiburon, both located on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge, are only 30 minutes away and are charming bayside communities with walkable main streets lined with shops, cafes, and outdoor restaurants where you and your date can soak up the salt air and unobstructed views of San Francisco.  

Ferries operate out of Pier 41 and the Ferry Building, and both crossings take about 30 minutes. In the morning, coffee is served onboard, cocktails are featured in the evening.

All of our date ideas in San Francisco are worth checking out, but nothing beats an adventure with your special someone. Whether you’re in it for the drive, the sights or want to spice it up with a scavenger hunt along the way — our GoCar Tours of San Francisco are a unique date idea that will have you telling stories for while!