Formula 1 and Red Bull Team Up in San Francisco for an Amazing Promotional Video

Those of us at the GoCar Tours offices were treated to something amazing this week when the Formula 1 Red Bull team came to San Francisco to shoot a promotional video. It was quite a scene to see an F1 car driving up and down San Francisco’s famed Hyde Street. Of course, in the City by the Bay, there are awe-inspiring things like this to view every day.

Enrico Fulgenzi didn’t disappoint

As if it weren’t enough to see a Formula 1 car driving up and down Hyde Street, Enrico Fulgenzi was at the wheel of the 2015 Red Bull car. If you’re not up to date on your Italian Formula 1 drivers, just know that Fulgenzi has been racing for ten years. His first year racing he won three podiums and one podium, which gave him 5138 points – enough to win runner-up of the series in his first series.

Since then, he’s done it all: He’s been in the Porsche Cayman Cup, he was the 2013 champion of the Italian Porsche Carrera Cup, he’s been in the Abarth 500 Europe Trophy, the Porsche Carrera World Cup, the Porsche Supercup, and now a promotional video driving up and down one of the most famous streets in the world.

What are you going to see on your visit to San Francisco?

It’s too late to get out there and see this for yourself, but the GoCar Tour experience allows anyone to see this city like they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Hop in one of our storytelling cars, which are much smaller than your average Formula 1 car, and much slower, too – but just like an F1 car, they’ll take you somewhere you’ve never been before.

There’s no telling where Red Bull’s Formula 1 car is going to show up next but we can tell you that if you want to visit San Francisco and you want to not only see the coolest sites, but understand them too, our storytelling tour option is the best choice. Even folks who live in this grand city hop in our tours to see things they didn’t know they were missing. From cool, calm, and comforting parks to the roar of the speedway, San Francisco’s got something for everyone.