Nancy Cartwright at GoCar ToursBart Simpson is usually to be found in Springfield—but everyone takes a vacation sometimes! Nancy Cartwright–pictured with two of our awesome employees below–who has voiced Bart Simpson since The Simpsons’ inception in 1989, took a Go Car Tour in in San Francisco the other day.

Nancy Cartwright is best known for her voice work on one of television’s most acclaimed comedies of all time. Nancy also voices several of the show’s other children, besides Bart: bullies Nelson Muntz and Kearney, and endearingly nerdy characters Ralph Wiggum and Todd Flanders. Originally an actress who starred in live action roles, notably in Marian Rose Wright and The Twilight Zone: The Movie. However, her role as Gloria in the animated series Richie Rich established Cartwright as a talented voice actor, and her big gig as Bart eventually followed.

Oddly enough, Cartwright did not intend to play Bart in the iconic animated sitcom. She came to auditions for the part of Lisa, Bart’s younger sister, but found Bart’s character to be more interesting. Series creator Matt Groening allowed her to try out for the boy’s part instead, and cast Cartwright as Bart on the spot. Twenty-five TV seasons later, The Simpsons is still going strong and Cartwright is still voicing Bart!

Bart Simpson, known for his mischievous nature, disregard for authority, and such catchphrases as “Don’t have a cow, man,” became a worldwide pop culture icon in the nineties. Bart has one distinction no other fictional character earned, even—he was somewhat controversially included on TIME magazine’s list of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century. In defense of this selection, TIME wrote, “I don’t see how you can look at this century and not include cartoons. They’re one of our great contributions, along with jazz and film. What Bart, or really the Simpsons, have done is merge social satire with popular animation in a way that hasn’t really been done before.”

Nancy Cartwright enjoyed her Go Car Tour of San Francisco, and you can too. With suggested stops at the Golden Gate Bridge, some of the nation’s most beautiful houses, and Lombard Street, the fun won’t stop on your tour. Book a Go Car Tour for your trip today!