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Our tours are unlike anything you have done before, we have vehicles that you have never driven before and you will have an experience that you will never forget and have stories that you will remember and reminisce for years.

Whether you are touring independently or looking for a perfect group activity we have something just for you! Our tours go through some of most beautiful and often overlooked parts of San Francisco, San Diego, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona, where buses don’t go and walking tours can’t get you.

These cars are smart. An on-board computer and a GPS-system do the thinking so you can actually relax and take in the beautiful cities. The GoCar takes you to spectacular places few visitors get to see. It’s like having a local show you around.

GoCar’s Daytona yellow three-wheeler cars feature a GPS driven audio tour that takes driver and passenger on a zippy tour of the city’s famous landmarks providing clear directions and running commentary as you drive.

GoCar Rentals is the brainchild of mechanical engineer, Nathan Withrington. In February 2003 he pin-pointed an outstanding opportunity to offer a unique service to the San Francisco tourist industry. Working closely with friend Alasdair Clements, Withrington started researching the idea of developing a unique, automobile based, audio tour driven by GPS.

The only tour of its kind in the nation, custom narration driven by GPS (Global Positioning System), takes you on an unforgettable journey around beautiful San Francisco. From the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge to the natural drama of Ocean Beach, the GoCar tour and directions are clear, concise, informative and all-together a unique experience for tourists and locals alike.

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